Our founders

Curtis S. Lee - sl@kynda.org

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, until the age of 15 when I went abroad to study. After attending boarding school in Connecticut, and then experiencing college life in both Korea and the US, I put my multicultural education to use in co-founding Korea's first college admissions consultancy. Through ten years as an educational consultant, working with students from Asia studying abroad, I became inspired to develop opportunities for kids to have meaningful experiences. Instead of becoming test-taking robots, I want to offer kids the kinds of real-world experiences that can awaken unique passions and build a true love for learning.

Mark Barthelemy - mark@kynda.org

I think kids learn best when they see learning as a vehicle for exploring interests and motivations, one that takes them to a vision of future success and contentment.

While pursuing my BA in economics from Northwestern University, my interest in culture drove me to pursue Korean language fluency. Since then, Korea has become somewhat of my foster motherland! Living in Seoul for nearly six years, I came to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of Korea’s culture of education, and the implications they have on developing nations’ cultures and economies. Through Kynda, I seek to put this knowledge to good use.